2017 Footballer Relocation Index

Here at Movinga we’re not just passionate about helping people move, football also runs through our veins. With the summer transfer window in full swing, we can’t wait to see which teams will secure our favourite players. We mere mortals might relocate once or twice in a lifetime, while top football stars have been known to move from league to league at the drop of a ball. We took on this study to reveal which players have relocated the furthest distances during their careers. We analysed the transfer history of both active and retired footballers to create the ultimate Footballer Relocation Index.

Using all available transfer data, we ranked players based on who has played for the most clubs, in the highest number of cities, countries and continents. Additional factors such as which position they play and total transfer fees were taken into account, with the Index then ultimately ranked based on the overall relocation distance. With some footballers moving to almost 30 cities in 5 different continents, the list illustrates the great distances that many footballers are required to move for the beautiful game.

“At Movinga, we’re all about making relocation easier, so we understand the burden that frequent transfers have on individuals and their families. It’s admirable what these players go through. Only a few lucky footballers have the good fortune to avoid relocation, Lionel Messi for instance, who has played for Barcelona since he was a teen.” Comments Movinga’s MD Finn Age Hänsel.

So, which players lift the silverware in terms of their overall relocation figures? With several footballers circumnavigating the globe multiple times, this game is everything to play for.
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There are millions of football players around the world and any number of them could have appeared in this index, however the final list was created by taking the players with the most professional appearances and those who have played for the largest number of teams. Although many footballers have never relocated in their careers, we included those players with noteworthy success for comparison.
In order to create the Footballer Relocation Index, we utilised several open resources to track the cities each player has relocated to during their senior career. Starting with the first city where each footballer debuted as a professional player, we calculated, in chronological order, the distance between each relocation point using the shortest possible route (air). Data is correct up until Wednesday 26th July 2017.

Number of Clubs Played
Number of different teams a footballer has played for during their professional senior career.

Club Trophies
Trophies won as a professional footballer in all of the possible national and international competitions their team has participated in.

Transfer Fees
Total amount of money payed for the transfer of the player from one team to another during their whole career (only payed loans are taken into account).

Years Active
Final number determined by calculating the difference between today (or day of retirement) and the year of professional debut.

- We obtained the geographical coordinates of each destination using Google Maps API.

- Given the geographical coordinates A = (1, 1) and B = (2, 2), the distance between cities is calculated using the haversine formula:
d(A,B) = 2r arcsin((sin2(2-12)+cos(1) cos(2)sin2(2-12))1/2 )
where r is the radius of the earth ~6,371 km (3,959 mi).

- Each distance has an average error of ~3.00% corresponding to the distance between each geographical coordinate and the actual location of the city center and accumulated truncation errors.

- Information gathered is correct up to 25 July 2017.

- Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales are all counted as one country, the UK. Monaco is different from France, even though it is in the same league. Turkey is counted as Asia.
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