Move in Paris | The guide to move in the City of Light

Movinga, your trusted moving company for moves to, from and within Paris.

When you have to move, it is important not to choose your mover lightly. Indeed, this is the best way to find yourself paying exorbitant rates or running into negligent movers.

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Our teams are qualified to move you in all circumstances; whether you live in Saint-denis, directly in the Marais or even in the outskirts of Paris, you can count on our teams to move you easily.  In other words, whether you are located in gangways or moving to more rural landscapes, Movinga takes up the challenge with ease.

Our expert tool allows you to put an end to the peeling of hundreds of often incomprehensible moving quotes. You can request a quote directly online on our site or by phone with one of our many expert advisors.  After entering your moving information (surname, first name, moving and moving date) you will access our volume calculator. Platform developed by our experts to make the specs of a move much easier and faster.

It’s very simple, you choose the rooms in your home and you choose the furniture and other services that concern you. The tool instantly calculates the price and volume in m³

We work with many teams located around Paris and in Paris itself to simplify the moving process. It is crucial for us to work only with companies that have received a sufficient rate of positive notes and especially have sufficient experience in moving to be part of our workforce!

Movinga is also a solution to save you time. Your time is precious, use it to discover Paris in the way it should be. If you have chosen the unpacking option, you’ll have enough time to make a small exploration of the incredible Eiffel Tower or a romantic walk on the Seine, you totally deserve it! And if you’re not in the mood to explore, you can also check out our blog and its hundreds of articles, such as tips on how to set up your new home or master the 2018 colours

Movinga is a tailor-made offer where you are able to book any additional services such as packing and unpacking your belongings, assembling and dismantling your furniture or reserving a parking space… We promise you everything is possible with Movinga! You define your needs and your move according to the rules of the art. Paris is one of the most attractive cities in the world for young people who wish to create their startup. The city ranks at the 8th position of study about the Cities of Opportunities , when it comes to the amount of startup created since 2016.

To know how much would it would cost you to install yourself in Paris, you just need to check out our International Moving Price Index.

You dream of a Haussmannian apartment and atypical museum visits, all in a quiet area? The Monceau district in the 17th arrondissement is made for you!

You prefer a more lively and modern district, close to green spaces and favourable to summer walks? You will find your happiness in the districts of Les Enfants-Rouges or La Folie Méricourt, places where the numerous bars, cafés and restaurants create a dynamic and festive atmosphere, or even in the district of La Villette, famous for its modernity and its park of 35 hectares.

Saint-Merri in the 3rd arrondissement is very popular. This district is located next to the George-Pompidou center is an asset because it is close to many shops and considered to be located in the center of Paris.

The Sorbonne, located in the 4th arrondissement, is also very popular not only because of its easy access to education but also because of its proximity to shops. There are no less than 121 restaurants and bars and more than 89 addresses considered favourite by many Parisians.

If you have the desire to live in a more quiet and outlying area of the dynamic hypercentre, we highly recommend the Palais-Royal. It has a population density 15 times lower than the Parisian average.

It is considered as the quietest neighbourhood because of its low exposure to nuisances of all kinds.

Finally, Saint-Gervais is for you, especially if you need to take your children to school. There are more than 5 crèches, 6 elementary schools and 3 high schools.

In another register, the Charonne district is currently on the rise. It is a popular neighbourhood that has undergone redevelopment. It notably has the most beautiful church of the 20th century (Saint-Jean-Bosco). It has many strong points in terms of accessibility.

Finally, Saint-Fargeau, located between Place Gambetta and Porte des Lilas, is favoured by its accessibility to all types of transport. The only black spot remains noise pollution.

Do you actually know the fascinating history of Paris?

First of all, we must talk about the 17th century and the famous construction fever. A period synonymous with wealth and cultural influence. Many fetish squares still adored today date from this period, for example, the Louvre, the Palais Royal, the Marais district, the Place des Vosges or the Place Dauphine.

Versailles became the seat of power under the reign of Louis XIV. During the 17th century, Paris became truly centralised with the construction of its new road network, which made it possible to reach the whole country.

Visiting Paris is not just the typical Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe… Paris is a unique experience that is enjoyed over time. As the locals will tell you, it is a real pleasure to watch people pass by the Saint Bernard. If you are not in the mood to analyze Parisians, tourists or street dancers, you can also enjoy the park and read in the sun.

We can only advise you to try to find your way to admire the Mona Lisa. Art Piece that you must have seen at least once in your life.

Finally the beauty of Paris does not only take its essence in its monuments and known places, Paris is a beauty as such; instead of taking the subway, prefer the bus and admire the beautiful architecture of the Parisian streets.

We are sure you will enjoy Paris as it should be!